A bungalow-style house that also includes a loft. Also: bunga-loft.
Example Citations:
This year, his firm will complete 100 projects and Brown anticipates that number will grow to 500 projects per year in about five years' time. Most of these will be redevelopments of postwar bungalows into what Brown calls "bunga-lofts" — houses bought for about $180,000 by young professionals and modernized by Housebrand with clear sight lines to the backyard and custom millwork at a cost that competes with IKEA.
— Lisa Rochon, "Calgary at the crossroads," The Globe and Mail, March 24, 2003
Their fans are legion — among them the residents who snapped up three phases of condominium apartments in the prestigious Ancaster Gardens, located in the Meadowlands. As good as that project was — with 50 per cent of the suites sold before the grand opening model was finished — it still doesn't prepare you for The Residences of Harrington, a collection of bungalows with lofts that have "award-winning design" written all over them.
Of course, we have to admit that the team of Joanna Cutaia-Beales and architect Fernando Fabiani, would give any floor plan a distinct advantage. Judging from the exterior alone, the inspiration of the partnership has exceeded even their lofty goals. These "bungalofts" as they are called, are as charming as any you will find in southern Ontario, and perhaps across the continent.
— Sherry Sleightholm, "Bungalofts are among the most charming you can find," The Hamilton Spectator, January 27, 2001
Earliest Citation:
The Lanes development consists of fully-detached bungalows and bungalows with lofts known as bungalofts.
— Michael B. Davie, "Here come the baby-free boomers," The Toronto Star, February 12, 2000
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